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A quick online payday loan for bad credit immediately includes the payment of the entire loan and all this one time. Short-term non-cash quick loans are issued in small amounts and on a short repayment term. The repayment period averages 15 to 90 or 365 days since they are less money. This type of loan is basically paid in monthly annuities or one-off after a certain number of days, but it all depends on the client’s needs. The loan is immediately the same as lending money with interest because with a certain amount comes its interest.

Find out how to get the lowest rate for fast online payday loans bad credit 

Slack renovations in the household, buying new winter tires, going on an emergency, or a set of health examinations, are all things that can not be predicted. Domestic budget suffers, and minuses accumulate on all sides. Fast online payday loan for bad credit at this source: GreenStart is immediately designed for such unusual and inevitable situations.

The loan can be obtained immediately by both legal and natural persons. This is also one of the basic differences with respect to loans exclusively granted by the bank. In addition, a formal contract is signed when loan payments are made, while loans maybe informal. This is also one of the biggest advantages of this type of lending because the approval process itself is reduced. There is no room for heavy paperwork as in loan applications. This also means that you do not need an employer’s approval, as well as a notary’s certification. This is especially important if the employer has a policy of not revealing financial status to his employees. This avoids any confusion in this way.

With fast repayment to new lending

 With fast repayment to new lending

The loan promptly requires a short repayment period. A short repayment period means that the cost of repaying the loan is reduced to a minimum. This means that the faster the repayment term, the client will be able to take up the quick loan again in the short term. The advantage of this type of loan is besides the speed and the most commonly approved without any insurance instruments.

Online loan application immediately reduces all the bureaucracy

The biggest advantage of this lending option is that virtually everything can be applied over the internet. Just just fill in the online application and submit your personal ID and your current account card. If the amount exceeds HRK 3000, it is necessary to provide the bank statement and the payroll, ie the pension sheet. Banks and other financial institutions for smaller amounts of money paid within one day do not require a lot of paperwork.

A loan is immediately required to have a current account that shows that the client has regular salaries or pensions. Account must not be blocked or protected, ie it must be apparent that the client settles his debts neatly.

Modern technology makes it easier to pay off your loan immediately

In addition to being able to submit applications online, more and more banks and financial institutions offer the option of sending SMS messages. The principle is the only thing that can be done through the mobile phone. The maximum amounts are up to 6000 thousand kuna.

Get a loan immediately in just a few minutes

The loan is immediately paid directly to your current account within 15 minutes of the loan application approval. Without waiting, standing in long queues and without leaving a public notary, in just a few minutes mouse clicks and money will be paid into the account.

First-Time Buyers: You Have The Benefit Of The 0% Interest Rate Loan

At the end of the year, banks are frequently crumbling under the demands of mortgages. Indeed, all files including a loan agreement such as the zero-rate loan (PTZ) or files related to a tax-free device such as the Pinel Act must be published before 31/12/2018 to benefit from advantageous conditions. Not to mention winter holidays that involve a lack of staff, advice, do not delay in finalizing your file if you are in this situation.


What is zero rate loan?

0 interest

If you are first-time buyers and want to benefit from the advantageous terms of the zero-rate loan, do not waste time. As every year, the banks stop proposing the PTZ in mid-November. Between the deadline for the acceptance of insurance, the publication of loan offers, the 11-day cooling-off period and the release of funds at the notary’s office, banks anticipate and request that files containing a PTZ be presented at the latest.

The Zero Rate Loan is a government-assisted loan that allows you to buy a home when you have not owned your principal residence in the last 2 years. The obtaining of the PTZ is subject to income conditions and its amount depends on the geographical area of ​​the place of purchase. The loan can only finance part of the purchase, it must be completed by one or more loans and possibly a personal contribution. Housing must be new or old with work.


Good news, rates will stay low until the end of the year

Good news, rates will stay low until the end of the year

According to the XCI Bank (XCIB), borrowing conditions will be favorable until the end of the year. Banks continue to finance themselves at very low rates and mortgage loans remain the best appeal product to attract new customers. All indicators are green to keep rates low. However, if inflation continues to rise, and this is a good sign, it is likely that the rates will follow the same curve and could be revised upwards during the summer.

Homeowners can also take advantage of low rates by renegotiating their credit under certain conditions. The borrower must be in the first half of the repayment of his loan, the borrowed amount remaining due must be at least 70,000 euros and the difference between the current rate of the current loan and that of the new credit must be between 0, 7 and 1 point.

Best Real Estate Rates of October 2018

duration Best fixed rate Trend Monthly *
7 years 0.45% Stable 120.95 €
10 years 0.65% drop € 86.09
15 years 0.90% drop € 59.41
20 years 1.05% drop € 46.21
25 years 1.25% drop € 38.83

* Monthly payment excluding insurance for € 10,000 borrowed capital

Open Finance Housing Loan

Open Finance is a financial consulting company that helps individual clients find optimal financial solutions. The company is made up of people who have built up a financial advisory category in Poland. The goal of Open Finance is to create a new perspective on the world of personal finances. They always provide clients with the opportunity to make financial decisions rationally and rationally.

Open Finance Finance advisors help investors

Open Finance Finance advisors help investors

  • define current and future financial needs,
  • choose the right forms of investing and investing money,
  • prepare an investment strategy,
  • easily invest in investment funds.

Open Finance advisors help people looking for a loan

  • choose the most advantageous housing loan from the best banks,
  • specify the currency, interest rate and debt repayment period,
  • explain the differences in individual offers,
  • complete the required documents,
  • finalize the signing of the contract with the bank,
  • to turn into a cheaper one – in another bank,
  • combine all existing loans into one cheaper one.

Good Finance Open Finance are perfectly trained specialists in the field of personal finances. They have experience gained from the best Polish financial advisory institutions, banks and investment fund companies. Mortgage loan in Open Finance. Its biggest advantages include: comparing the offers of 21 banks, which allows you to choose the optimal loan offer, low installments and attractive interest rates as well as help in completing the formalities. To make an appointment with an adviser in one of the Open Finance branches, complete the simple application form.

Do you need cheap credit?

Do you dream about your own apartment, longed-for vacation? Are you thinking about buying a new car? Or maybe you just need more cash? You browse for cash loans, but you do not want to pay such high interest.

We have a solution for you!

We have a solution for you!

Open Finance – A comparison of the offers of 21 banks gives you the opportunity to get cheap cash, which you can spend on any selected goal. Thanks to the security in the form of a mortgage established on the real estate, you get a mortgage loan offer bearing the low as a housing loan. Open Finance financial advisor will offer you help in choosing the best loan or mortgage loan offer! All you have to do is make an appointment – fill in the contact form.

Thanks to the meeting with the financial advisor Open Finance

Thanks to the meeting with the financial advisor Open Finance

  1. You will adjust the loan to your possibilities
  2. You have the most advantageous offer with no interest rate
  3. You determine the maximum loan period
  4. You’ll find out how banking offers differ from each other
  5. You can do all the formalities in a simple way
  6. You will sign a loan agreement with the bank

Talk to the Open Finance Advisor and learn the details of the best mortgage or cash offer for you.

The most important advantages of the Open Finance cash loan are: a loan without certificates, an amount of up to PLN 150,000, a quick credit decision and cash even in one day.

The Open Finance Mortgage loan is an optimal loan offer selected from the comparison of 21 banks, low installments and attractive interest rates, as well as assistance in completing the formalities.

Loans To Your 401K

In this country we are taught that the solution to any problem is to ask for a loan. Therefore, there are loans of colors and flavors. You have the loans to reward people who have good credit, who are rewarded, giving them a good percentage of interest on their next loan.

And you also have the loans for those who did not pay well and end up paying a high interest rate. On many occasions as people have already exhausted the other options they see the money loans from their 401K retirement account as a good option.

In fact you even market the product with the extra advantage that you can take a loan of up to $ 50,000 or 50% of what you have in your retirement account, whichever is less. The money you withdraw is given to you no matter how bad your credit is. Another advantage that they sell you is that the interest you are going to pay you pay yourself.


The money from your retirement will only come out of you

The money from your retirement will only come out of you

All these alleged advantages really are not. One of the worst things you can do is take one of these loans and I’ll explain why.

This is the main reason why you should not touch this money. If you do not contribute to your retirement, nobody will do it for you. We all know that social insurance (or social insecurity as many people call you) will not be available for much longer. Then, money for your future can only come from you. Every time you take a loan from your 401K you are putting your future at stake.


People ask for more than one loan at 401K

People ask for more than one loan at 401K

Most people who take 401K loans take more than one. In fact for many the 401K becomes the hen of the golden eggs and if you remember the hen did not end well in the story.

The contributions to the retreat are less.When you have one of these loans, it is very likely that you will not contribute the same amount that you previously contributed to your retirement, to repay the loan more quickly. This affects the growth of your account and the long-term consequences are gigantic.


Your return on investment is not so good

Your return on investment is not so good

Even when you return the money with the interest, the return on your investment that you would receive with the mutual funds is much higher. Even more, when you receive interest on an investment someone else is paying these interest, at the time of making a loan you are the one who pays the interest. This is another way you can lose tens of thousands of dollars for your retirement.

Borrowing money about your future is a very bad business. And people love to present extreme examples of why they had to borrow the money. But, the reality is that almost any excuse is good to justify a loan.

Remember that the money for your retirement can not leave any other place.

Loan Application Procedure. What should we consider?

How is it worth choosing a suitable loan?

In many cases, we may need money to spend on which our revenue is not enough. Such spending may occur, for example, before the start of a new school year. Loans are usually purposeless and can therefore also be used to finance the purchase of a used car or for urgent repair, for health purposes or for a minor reconstruction of a flat.

Anyway, it’s important that we use the loan sensibly. We should only buy the most important things out of it. for travel, a new TV, and more. However, this means that they will afford things that they simply do not have enough money for. By doing so, they generate debts and, for interest, pay much more than the value of the product. Finally, they get in debt and get into a debt spiral.

Most of these products can also be purchased for interest-free installments. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully consider what the money from the loan is for.

Loan Application Procedure Providing financial background

Loan Application Procedure Providing financial background

Financial institutions do not require collateral for loans, such as real estate. It is sufficient if the applicant has a regular income, which he must prove by a confirmation from the employer.

Types of revenue that financial institutions accept:

  • primary source of income
  • an additional or secondary source of income.

The primary source of revenue may be:

  • income from employment
  • pension,
  • business activity.

Additional or secondary revenue source:

  • maternity leave
  • child allowances
  • scholarship
  • social care.

Thorough analysis of options

Thorough analysis of options

Before applying for a loan, it is important to realize in which bank or non-bank company we have a chance to obtain a loan. They have different conditions and it may happen that while one bank does not give us the required amount, the other will give much more. By signing a loan agreement, the borrower commits to paying monthly installments for a certain period (usually a few years), thereby reducing the amount available monthly. Therefore, it is a very serious decision.

It is important that after selecting a sympathetic offer, we carefully read all the information about the product, and if some conditions are not clear, we need to contact the provider to clarify them.

As a consultant, we always choose a reputable company

The second is that we do not decide for ourselves, but we will use the services of experts to help us find the best deal. It is important that we choose a reputable company that has sufficient experience and references and is not committed to any bank or non-bank company.

If we have a nice offer, let’s read the terms

If we have a nice offer, let

After carefully examining the options, you may have found the most likeable offer.

In this case, you only need to know the terms under which the financial institution will give you a loan. You can find these terms and conditions on the bank’s website, as well as all the documents needed to submit your application.

  • Submission of the application

This is the stage where you already have all the documents for applying for a loan. These will probably be the following documents:

  • photo ID (identity card, driving license, passport)
  • Proof of income.

We have already mentioned a secondary source of income. It is important that secondary income is not enough to endorse the application. It is important because we can ask for a higher amount.

If we have documents available, we can fill out the forms and apply. If the application is not unambiguous, it is advisable to ask the counselor for help.

It is also possible to apply online with almost every provider. Of course, there are also those who do it in a classic way at a branch or come to a home applicant.

An approval may be followed by an agreement

  • Creditworthiness assessment, approval, disbursement

Immediately after submitting the documents, the Bank will start assessing the applicant’s creditworthiness. If the applicant succeeds, the application may be approved. Of course, assessing the applicant’s creditworthiness is a very complex process where the financial institution tries to minimize the risk of defaulting. Therefore, if the applicant has previously had problems paying monthly installments or is in the register of debtors with negative records, he will have a very small chance of accepting the application.

If the application has been approved, the applicant will sign a contract with the provider and then receive the approved amount on their account.

  • monthly payment
  • fee
  • loan
  • loan application

Whats The Best Option? Credit Cards or Personal Payday Loans

You will find on the market various options that will allow you to borrow. In each of them, you will choose characteristics that will suit you. For example, you can borrow using a credit card instead of getting a personal payday loan. You will then have to decide whether you want a secure, standard credit card or that offers travel rewards.
Of course, lenders and credit card companies will dazzle the benefits of their means of borrowing, but they will not mention the disadvantages attached to them.
So here’s what you need to know to get as smart as possible.


When do you consider credit cards the best option?

When do you consider credit cards the best option?

You will consider credit cards as the best borrowing option, only if you can repay the money you borrow very quickly. Credit cards often offer higher interest rates than personal payday loans. Even if they offer you a lower interest rate, credit card companies require only a minimum payment each month. This means that it will take longer to repay the loan and you will end up paying higher interest overall. If you can pay in full for one or two months of purchases, then consider credit cards as a good option for you. However, if your balance is lagging behind, choose another loan method.


When do you think personal payday loans are the best option?

personal loans

You might consider personal payday loans as an interesting solution because you can repay them in installments. This makes them easier to manage. While you can use credit cards again and again, personal payday loan offers you a set amount. He does not encourage you to accumulate more and more debt.
Banks often offer you a minimum loan above what you need, this is the main disadvantage. Instead of getting one more than you need, ask for a personal payday loan online. These online providers generally do not require a minimum amount. You will only borrow $ 300, if that’s all you need. Thus, you will better control your debt.


Cash advances by credit card

Cash advances by credit card

Except in an emergency, you generally prefer to avoid credit card advances because they cost more in fees and interest rates than another loan. In addition, if you have to pay off your credit card before paying the cash advance, your interest rate will be high for a long time. If a few hours of waiting do not annoy you before getting your money, why not ask for a personal payday loan online? You will get the same result as a cash advance. The best online lenders will provide you with the amount of money needed in a matter of hours or by the end of your working day.

Do you need to increase your credit card limit

Nowadays in Brazil it is difficult to find who does not have at least one credit card in the wallet.

When well used, it could be the salvation for those last-minute purchases that were not in the planning but could be paid off in the following months.

For this you need to have a good credit approved with the financial institution, which is not always easy to achieve.

But how do you know if there really is an increase in your limit? See our tips!

How to increase?

How to increase?

Many people carry the same card for years. Sometimes from the time you opened the account because of the first job. That’s exactly why people find it difficult to raise the limit. In general, banks calculate the maximum credit according to the customer’s remuneration. So if the card was made while you were still an intern, the limit will probably be low.

Not all financial institutions follow the same criteria when pushing for changes in the ceiling. Most do not give credit greater than 30% of the customer’s gross income. Private banks usually grant the increase according to the customer’s profile. So if you borrowed and were a good payer, for example, you’ll be closer to getting the raise. Public institutions focus on the income of the worker. Therefore, you will need to get to your agency and prove the change in income.

When to increase?

When to increase?

Before you ask to raise the threshold, you need to evaluate whether you really need it, otherwise you are asking for a value that you can hardly remove. After all, credit works as a kind of loan.

Your purchasing power is higher: it may be worth increasing the card limit

With more money in mind it may be interesting to increase your credit card limit. After all, now your purchasing power is different and probably the purchases and bills will be more expensive. Raising the limit is worth especially for those who want to make big purchases, such as furniture, for example.

If you just want to raise and want to buy new appliances, the card is a good alternative to not compromise the budget of the month. But be aware of the value of the plots!

You want to achieve goal and need payment flexibility

Raising the limit also be the chance to make that dream trip. Parceling several times, without interest, is much easier than paying everything in sight. But remember: if your limit is $ 3 thousand, for example, purchases will not exceed this amount, even if the installments are much less than that amount.

You need to calculate the total amount, analyze if it’s worth spending it to reach that goal and make a good installment without interest.

Why increase?

Why increase?

Credit cards yield some benefits. The advantages will depend on each financial institution, but in general, the more you use the card, the more it accumulates points. At some banks, these points can be redeemed for airline miles, shopping, and other benefits.

So, in this case it may also be interesting to increase the card limit – always remembering that you have to increase your income to be worth it – and thus be able to enjoy all the advantages offered.

Credit card debt is one of the reasons people get their names included in Serasa and SPC, a problem, especially for those who want to finance a property or a car, for example. Just be careful with your credit card and only increase the limit if you really can afford it.


Payday Loan: How to apply for it? Here is the Guide

What should you do to get a payday loan? What are the different options that the bank offers and which ones are the most convenient?

With this guide on how to get a sum from this bank we will see what are the steps to follow.

Here’s what you need to do to get the perfect loan for you and your desires!

How to get the payday loan with this group


It may happen that you need money to fix a house or a vacation or to solve some problems. Allows you to choose the right option for you.

To apply for a payday loan, you can choose to apply for a branch or apply for a loan online . In this second hypothesis you just need one click and in general you can open the file and get the money in 48 hours. In just two days you can get the money in your account.

To calculate the installment to be paid each month just make a quote, which can also be requested online. Simply enter your data in the appropriate form, the amount you need and the number of installments in which you decide to return the figure.

The quote is free and is not binding on the request for the loan with Bper and allows you to get an idea of ​​the expense and the cost of the installments to be supported, as well as allowing you to have a track on the repayment duration and interest.

Just remember that the more months to return the sum, the more the monthly payment is reduced, but in this case the interest goes up. For this reason we recommend finding the middle ground between the payment term and interest. That way you won’t waste too much money on interest.

Offers various financing options depending on age, purpose and amount. The options are divided into:

  • Mini loan : a short loan with a maximum amount of 3 thousand euros and a repayment time up to a maximum of 12 months. This loan is obtained quickly and with reduced costs;
  • Light Loan : the loan that allows a maximum of 30 thousand euros to be repaid up to a maximum of 72 months.
  • Payday Loan: Also called a personal loan
  • Fixed rate or variable rate : a loan for an amount from 3 to 30 thousand euros and can be repaid from 12 up to a maximum of 120 months. You can choose a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate;
  • Home Value Loan : for domestic work or for the energy requalification of the building. The loan is up to 75 thousand euros, at a fixed rate or at a variable rate, to be repaid in no more than 10 years and allows for tax breaks for energy savings;
  • Repay Loan : with the assignment of the fifth that allows you to request a loan to repay with the withholding of a fifth of the salary. The amount to be requested varies depending on the amount of salary and duration;
  • Student Loan : for students, has a subsidized rate for the purchase of computers and books, the APR is 0.45% and the maximum amount that can be requested is 1,500 euros, the maximum duration of financing is 12 months.

To find out all the details relating to the various loans, we recommend asking for an appointment at a branch so as not to have surprises when applying for a loan.

The necessary guarantees for the loan


Whatever loan you wish to request, you will have to offer mandatory guarantees. The mandatory guarantees are the same even for those on the bad payer list or for those who have been previously protested. The guarantees are:

  • The guarantee of a third party : which can act as a guarantee. The third party, or the, can guarantee being a friend or a parent or a relative. We remind you that the guarantor can become responsible for the return;
  • The pension : a solid guarantee, but the duration and the number of installments to be reimbursed can change depending on the age of the applicant;
  • The pay slip : a solid guarantee for the loan, thanks to the pay slip generally you get fast loans and advantageous rates;
  • The salary assignment : in general it also helps those who have been protested or are on the bad payer list to obtain the loan, the sum to be returned to the bank will be withheld from salary or pension each month. In general, the salary assignment allows for advantageous rates and times for repayment up to 10 years.

What you need to get the loan

What you need to get the loan

To obtain the loan you must give to the bank:

  • A valid identity document;
  • The pay slip, or the pension or the last tax return (only for the self-employed).

All applicants must provide the same documents, so even those who have been protested or are on the list of bad payers. Generally there is no need to provide other documents, since the bank to which the loan is requested will take care of the rest.



Generally, it takes a couple of days to get a loan online, so in 48 hours from the opening of the file you can get the money in your account.

In the event that you opt for the loan request in the branch it will be a person in charge to report to the applicant what the waiting times are.

We remind you that each loan request is different and that in this case both the waiting times and the type of monthly payment, that the interest to be paid may change.

The interests

You can immediately know what the interest rate to pay with a convenient online quote will be more or less. The estimate can also be requested from a representative in a branch.

We remind you that the loan is not binding and is completely free. Using the quote, you can find out the rates, The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan or the cost of the commissions to be paid.

Checking the interests, then the TAN and the APR, can help you choose the lowest and most convenient ones. With a little research you can even save on interest before applying for a loan.

And the subjects protested?

We are not sure that the bank will pay the loan if you have been protested or if you are on the list of bad payers, but you can try providing some guarantees to the bank.

The only way to understand will provide the loan is to ask for clarifications in a branch by making an appointment with a representative.

The person in charge will assess the financial situation and decide whether or not to accept the practice. Commonly, the assignment of a fifth of the salary is the most solid guarantee to have the loan with Bper also in the case of an applicant on the list of bad payers or protested.

With the sale of the fifth it is possible to obtain plans to repay the amount up to 10 years and low-interest rates. If you need a loan, but you are a bad payer or have been protested, we recommend that you try this interesting option.

Loans for temporary workers

Loans for temporary workers

Also thinks about temporary workers. If you are a temporary worker and need to request a sum, you will need to provide the bank with some additional guarantees.

To get the loan even from temporary workers, the number of installments to be repaid must not exceed the remaining contract months.

The other conditions to be respected in order to get a loan from temporary workers are the same as for permanent workers. Therefore no further guarantees must be provided to the bank.